How To Keep Ticks Off Your Dog

Keeping Your Dog Tick Free !

You’ve just spent another wonderful day enjoying the outdoors with your four legged friend.

As the two of you get ready to jump in your vehicle to head home suddenly you spot it… wait not just one but dozens of – TICKS !. Arrgghh you say to yourself – there must be a better way to keep these parasites of my dog.

Well – there is !  Its found in the Game Hide Elimi Tick Dog Vest .Made from 100 % polyester, its rugged, durable and treated with Permethrein. The polyester prevents it from retaining moisture while the Permethrein will quickly and efficiently kill any ticks that come into contact with it.

Permethrein is a chemical derived from the chrysanthemum flower. When used correctly, studies have shown it to be harmless to pets and humans yet lethal to ticks -particularly deer 814bC46oN7L._SL1500_ticks.  Clothing and gear that have been professionally treated with it ( like this dog vest) were done in a manner that will enable it to repel ticks for up to an average of 50-70 washes. This eliminates your need for constant applications every time you want to use it.

This well made dog vest also comes in a blaze orange Great for those times in the fall where your woods adventures involve or coincide with hunting.

So, if you came to this site because you were asking yourself the question: “How do I keep ticks off my dog?” , we are pleased to show you a viable solution. You will be able to stop ticks now!  Killing  them dead in their tracks!… and your beloved four legged friend will love you even more for it. He hates the bites and doesn’t want to get sick.  A well made permethrein treated dog vest is the perfect piece of clothing for your furry friend   !